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Our service stops at your door

We are not like many other companies who waive all responsibility once their products have left their premises.Our products are made by hand and with care and we want to see that they arrive safely.We know what it is like to sign for goods, only to then open them to discover that they have been damaged in transit.

However, when you try and claim for the damage you will be told that you have signed for it and therefore have received the parcel in good condition, and therefore they will not pay out.With this in mind we package our products with care and ensure there is more than enough protection from the rigors of our delivery network. Your donation box will be clearly labeled and arrive on a pallet, which albeit is not the cheapest delivery option but is it is the best way to guarantee hassle free delivery, and to get your box earning money sooner.

In the unlikely event that your box arrives damaged, we will not just say “ring the carrier mate”. We will get it collected the same day if possible, returned to us, repaired or replaced and sent back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us for cheaper delivery options if you require, however we will not repair the box free of charge when it arrives damaged.

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