Protecting your Donations

Our experience has taught us the best ways to protect your income. From making the boxes heavy enough so they cannot be carried away to retaining them with chains and padlocks to columns, radiators, desks etc. Our standard boxes weigh from 35 – 70kg depending on type.

We will offer sound advice depending upon your situation. For increased security obviously steel boxes offer better resistance from attack to oak boxes and toughened glass or acrylic.

Not all locations are crime hotspots and aesthetics can be of more importance than security, therefore a lower level of security may be sufficient, we can advise accordingly.

We offer various security features in our boxes as standard ie stainless steel hinge, weighted base, anti-dipping deflector below coin/note slot, anti-kick doors, quality lock. Upgrades are also available from Abloy locks to stainless steel hoops for chain fixing to motion detector/contact alarms.

Security Features Gallery

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