Coin cascade donation box


So what is a coin cascade donation box you may be asking? It is a clever designed interactive donation box that has coin slots which allow potential donators to  feed coins onto ramps that travel down and deposit coins into the donation box safe. Ka-ching! This type of donation box is particular popular and fun for young kids and adults alike and you can find them at child orientated venues like museums.

Why do people of all ages drop so much money into these type of donation boxes? It is very simple, they love to watch the coins drop and fall around in different slots at different speeds, its all about the fascination. Coin Cascade donation boxes are so profitable and they generate a lot more money than static donation boxes. If you are a charity or an organisation that needs to raise money then we recommend this as the most fun and interactive way of raising funds.

If you decide to have a bespoke coin cascade box made, you can choose you own shape, materials and you can add your own graphics to help make it stand out. Contact us today for a free quote

Here is a few examples of coin cascade donation boxes made for clients past and present.

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