Bespoke Donation Box Client Gallery | The Horses Trust

This gallery is an example of a custom donation box made for one of our clients - The Horses Trust. This particular donation box is made from steel however your bespoke box can be made from various materials including wood, metal, plastic or a combination of these materials. Our custom boxes are finished to a very high standard which meets all modern Fire regulations. All bespoke donation boxes like Continue reading

What are the most common trends when giving to charities?

We give to charities in many different ways, from giving loose change to donation boxes and buckets, donating online and by setting up monthly direct debits. The trends vary from giving to the homeless, children charities or to international non-governmental organisations. However not all charitable giving is only to charities. Simple donations are also made by individuals or collectively as families and the donors could be children, teenagers or Continue reading

Coin Cascade Donation Boxes Are A Fun Way To Donate

WHAT IS A COIN CASCADE BOX? So what is a coin cascade donation box you may be asking? It is a clever designed interactive donation box that has coin slots which allow potential donators to  feed coins onto ramps that travel down and deposit coins into the donation box safe. Ka-ching! This type of donation box is particular popular and fun for young kids and adults alike and you Continue reading

Why Adding Graphics To Your Custom Donation Box is Important

Graphics It is a very good idea to use graphics if you have a custom donation box as it will enhance its visibility and make your box stand out and more importantly get your message across and increase donations. Donation Boxes Ltd offers a full in-house graphics service and is a very simple process to get started. Firstly, supply us with your lettering, logos and graphics in the Continue reading

How Reliable Are Outdoor Donation Boxes and Posts?

Our outdoor donation boxes and posts are perfect for country parks, car parks, castles, historic sites, pools and nature reserves. They are designed to withstand all types of weather like rain, wind and storms. They are purposely made to be securely concreted into the ground to prevent damage from vandals or any vigorous attacks. The outdoor posts are manufactured from 3mm steel and are available in a galvanised finish Continue reading

What is a Vortex Donation Box?

A vortex Donation Box is taken from the word Vortex, which is a hyperbolic funnel which scientists have used for centuries to explain the movement of the planets in the solar system also know as Kepler’s Law. This type of Donation Box is one of the most popular with kids and young families. People from all walks of life love them, they are fun, educational & fascinating. Donation Boxes Continue reading

Why you should choose a bespoke Donation Box?

When choosing to have a bespoke donation box made, we individually make the design to suit your specific needs and specification. Your individual box can be made from various materials of your choice including wood, metal, plastic or a combination of these materials. Every one of our boxes is finished to a very high standard which meets all modern Fire regulations. After discussing your needs we will design you Continue reading

What are the Benefits of Interactive Donation Boxes?

Interactive Donation Boxes are very popular in children orientated venues, children love them and run to their parents for money to give. The boxes do attract more coins than notes as the coins are heavier. These boxes are more appealing  than standard boxes and can be great in the right venue. They can be made from a range of materials and to a low or high tech standard. We Continue reading

Is my Donation Box purchase Vat free for my charity?

The good news is that if you are a charity that it is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales then there is a good chance that you are entitled to the special VAT reliefs for charities. In order to get this benefit of VAT Free purchases your charity must hold evidence of being registered and you will have to provide the person supplying the goods to Continue reading

How important is it to protect your Donation Box?

Setting up a donation box  for your museum, charity or organisation may seem like an easy way to collect money for good causes, but it can come with risks. If left unattended, thieves may find a way to break into them. During the past few months their has been many cases in the news online reporting of donations being stolen from donation boxes. There are many things you Continue reading

New Look Website

Welcome to the release of our new look website! Donation Boxes have been designing and manufacturing our Donation Boxes here in the south of the UK forever 20 years, popular with Museums, Galleries & Charities, we are now extending our service to the rest of Europe. Continue reading

How do people give money to charity?

The 2012 survey published on the Charity Aid Foundation website looks at how people give money to charity. Giving by cash remains the most popular method with 50% of people choosing this as the way they would like to donate their money.  This figure has remained at approximately the same level for the previous few years. Whilst other methods, such as sponsorship through events may seem popular, donating cash Continue reading