A vortex Donation Box is taken from the word Vortex, which is a hyperbolic funnel which scientists have used for centuries to explain the movement of the planets in the solar system also know as Kepler’s Law.

This type of Donation Box is one of the most popular with kids and young families. People from all walks of life love them, they are fun, educational & fascinating.

Donation Boxes can manufacture your own custom box to suit your needs. They are available in four sizes – 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm & 1500mm and can be moulded or painted in any colour to suit your organisation or charity. Graphics can also be added to your custom box to help make it stand out.

Do not underestimate the ability of these Vortexes to raise money, as our clients are raising up to £3000 per month from our 1500mm unit.

If you would like a custom vortex box then get in touch with us on – 01202 820077 or visit our website for full details.

Here is a gallery of custom vortexes made for our clients.

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