The good news is that if you are a charity that it is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales then there is a good chance that you are entitled to the special VAT reliefs for charities. In order to get this benefit of VAT Free purchases your charity must hold evidence of being registered and you will have to provide the person supplying the goods to you with evidence that you are a charity and have a written eligibility declaration or a certificate confirming this.

Although the charity VAT reliefs apply only to certain goods and services but if your charity is VAT registered  then you may be able to claim back some of the VAT you are charged from HMRC when you purchase a donation box.

For full details you can visit the HMRC website on this link, where they explain in detail whether you are eligible.

Donation Boxes are always more than happy to help should you have any questions regarding this matter. Contact them on Tel: 01202 820077

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