Setting up a donation box  for your museum, charity or organisation may seem like an easy way to collect money for good causes, but it can come with risks. If left unattended, thieves may find a way to break into them. During the past few months their has been many cases in the news online reporting of donations being stolen from donation boxes.

There are many things you can do to protect your donation boxes like making sure the boxes are heavy enough so they cannot be carried away. Also by retaining them with chains and padlocks to walls, or fixed items is equally important. You should never leave large amounts of money left in donation boxes and make sure to empty them on a daily basis if possible. There are many various security features available like stainless steel hinges, anti-dipping deflector below coin/note slot and having quality locks for example.

If you unsure about your security needs, then get in touch and we will offer sound advice depending upon your situation.

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