The 2012 survey published on the Charity Aid Foundation website looks at how people give money to charity. Giving by cash remains the most popular method with 50% of people choosing this as the way they would like to donate their money.  This figure has remained at approximately the same level for the previous few years.

Whilst other methods, such as sponsorship through events may seem popular, donating cash remains on top. It’s possible that people are more probable to donate their small change when they are out and about into a bucket or donation box for a number of reasons, which could be:

  • Ease of donation – Having a donation box at a till point or other central location, makes it easy for the individual to put in their spare change in. The box will get their attention and it’s often just as easy to put the money in the box as it is in a purse or wallet if a purchase has just been made.
  • Choice of donation – A donation box allows people to make their own decision as to if and when they donate and by how much. Some people are more likely to make a donation based on this principle rather than being pressurised into giving money.

These reasons make donation boxes a good option for your charity, hospital, and museum or park to raise vital funds.

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